Charm City Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC.

Professional Commercial & Property Cleaning Services in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

Charm City Commercial Cleaning Services, LLC is a locally renowned cleaning company offering premier property cleaning services to Maryland, DC, and Virginia homeowners. Our commitment lies in providing transparent, reasonably priced, and environmentally conscious cleaning & junk removal services.

When we claim to have witnessed it all, we truly mean it—there is no task too challenging for our Maryland, DC, and Virginia property cleaning service team to handle. What sets us apart from other cleaning and junk removal companies is our adeptness in managing personal items, valuables, or sentimental articles encountered during the clean-out process. We possess the knowledge and established procedures necessary for such delicate situations.

Undergoing annual background checks and equipped with multiple insurance policies, we assure our clients of a trustworthy and secure service. Whether you require the removal of a single broken stove or a comprehensive trash hauling and hoarder cleanup of your Baltimore home, we are the ideal company for the job. Our expertise extends to clearing out hoarded houses and homes affected by squatters, demonstrating our versatility and dedication to addressing diverse cleaning needs.

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